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Business temperament with HP 6560B is only 6K1 yuan

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  [ 05 Feb 18 ] PChome notebook market as a suitable fixed office big screen business notebook, HP 6560b ( WX751AV ) has a 15.6 inch LED backlit display, +ABS magnesium alloy chassis and a full size keyboard against accidental splash, plus the authentication function, dynamic and static data protection data protection system system and many other humanized design every hour and moment to reveal its excellent quality of the business. At present this notebook in which industrial businesses located only 6100 yuan ( including tax), interested friends may wish to contact the business.

  HP 6560B appearance of figure

  The outward appearance aspect, HP 6560B fuselage design concise fashion, rich business temperament, after grinding processing metal cap looks low-key but without losing meaning, full size suspended splash keyboard, and with independent digital area, convenient operation and easy cleaning. With a 15.6 inch LED backlit display, with 1600 x 900 high resolution.


  HP 6560B front view

  Performance, HP 6560B uses Intel core i5-2450M processor ( at 2.5Ghz ), AMD Radeon HD 6470M 512MB memory card, 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB high-speed hard disk. Equipped with 4 USB 2 interface, VGA, HDMI and other commonly used interface, support for multiple in one card reader. Support 802.11a/g/n wireless protocol. Windows 7 Home Basic and preloaded genuine ( common family Edition operating system ).

  Friendly reminder: in our PCHOME designated merchants to buy goods, we only mention PCHOME to enjoy the preferential.

  Complaints and suggestions: E-mail: click PChome national level QQ AC①group: 88717566 ( full ) QQ AC II Group: 138955843

  [PCHOME VIP ]: five industrial shops

  [ quote ]: HP 6560b ( WX751AV ) 6100 yuan ( including tax)

  [ link ]: sales personnel

  [ phone number ]: 021-56976080 ( DELL )

  [ ] Shanghai City Shop Address: Zhongshan North Road Zhabei District 831 Lane 5 building 805

  [ company ]:

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